Sarvadnya Yoga Institute, always trying to share and disseminate the wisdom of yoga to everyone who is willing to have one. We believe in committed services through our yoga professionals who takes personal training at home. We have big network of teachers, more than 500 yoga teachers at every corner of India. Yoga journey helps to discover deeper well being & unique strengths in individuals that goes beyond the physical realm.

Advantages of Yoga at Home::

Practicing yoga on a regular basis have various advantages such as good mental & physical health. And being in a daily busy schedule, stress and work pressure, everyone needs to have own relaxation and the activity which can boost the overall well being of a person. There are lots of various yoga techniques which are being used from ancient times to have healthy & peaceful life. Increase your functional efficiency, effectively with ancient yoga practices.

When you talk about housekeeping, house work it has its own spice, possessions & stress. So if you are willing to keep yourself out of the stressful situations, yoga is must try option. Because sometimes the stress bearing capacity need more mental strength which can only be regained by doing regular yoga & medication practices. Be more productive, healthy & happy by adopting yoga at home practices in your own time scheduled. Be more open to channelizing your positive energy to get more fruitful benefits from Yoga.

Don’t worry about going out, having yoga session, managing time and handling so many hurdles like that. Take a break at your own solace & engage yourself in yoga activities.

We have listed few yoga sessions for you according to your need. Take a look:

  • Yoga at Home for Back Pain
  • Yoga at Home for Weight Loss
  • Power Yoga at Home for Diabetes
  • Yoga for Physical and Mental Relaxation.
  • Yoga for Flexibility
  • Yoga as per Health Problems & Diseases.

Above mentioned points can clearly tell you that yoga is the best cure for the various medical issues & diseases which are difficult to recover only through medicines. Yoga is the best Therapy for Health Problems

Hire a Yoga Teacher at Home:

Enjoying quality life is everyone’s dream and right, to achieve this goal we have various packages for yoga at home. We cover health issues like Asthma, Back-aches, Weight Management, Depression, Mental Stress. To get the highest level of mental, physical & spiritual wellness, you definitely should hire a yoga teacher.

What we offer you:

  • Personal Care at Your Home
  • Managing your comfort and daily
  • Minimising your unnecessary travelling & Yoga studio trips
  • One on One Attention from our teacher with private yoga lectures
  • Customized sessions for maximising health benefits
  • Save Energy, Time & Money.
  • Dedicated, Qualified and committed expert Yoga Teacher

Why you need personal yoga lessons? We have got an answer for you!

There are various specific health problems which needs special attention & cannot be practiced in groups, as the origin of the problem is different from person to person. Also in a group yoga all the sessions are not targeted towards a particular individual, their health conditions & requirements, if the yoga teacher is not qualified enough so he can only be an instructor. And there can be harm to your body as everyone is comfortable with all types of yoga Asanas.Rather going for group yoga sessions, go for qualified yoga therapist to have real solutions.

Qualification and Experience Of Sarvadnya Yoga Teachers:

  • Certificated from Renowned Yoga Institutes and Universitie
  • More than 5 years of teaching experience
  • Dedicated Health Condition Professionals
  • Full time Professionals and Trainers.


We have designed various different yoga programs for personal training & you can reach us in many cities in India. Such as Pune, Nashik, Bangalore, Rishikesh and many more.

Time Schedule and Charges:

Teachers will visit according to your conformable fix timing for 3 Months. Before joining our classes, you will get a trial session from our professional. Daily one-hour training session as per your requirement with personal attention.

Teacher timings are as follows:

  • Male Teacher Timing: 5 A.M to 9 P.M
  • Female Teacher Timing: 6 A.M to 7 P.M

Charges for Yoga At Home :

  • Trail Session Charges: ₹ 500 per session
  • 3 Months Package (3 Days in a Week): ₹ 25000/-
  • 3 Months Package ( 3 Days in a Week) : ₹ 50000/-