Aims & Objectives

  • Sarvadnya Yoga Institute aims to provide cure to diseases and mind with calmness & happiness for the one who wants to have relief though ancient yoga practices profound by Saints & Rishi’s. Practical & functional training of Bramhvidya, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Spiritual Knowledge Etc. should be given to society is what we aim for.
  • To organize the various yoga camps such as meditation, mind healing, sastang all over India & Aboard to propagate yoga knowledge to people in society.
  • To Help poor & needy for the critical health treatments and medicines they need is the Main Aim of our trust. To open & establish charitable hospital which will provide all kind of help & services to poor and needy from every class of society.
  • To distribute food, medicines, cloths through various donation activities to tribal areas through our organizational activities.
  • To organise Yoga Seminars, Competitions which will spread awareness in people and providing them well equipped, furnished yoga clubs & premises.
  • To bring moral cultural upliftment among people by arranging study sessions of ancient grammar, philosophy, yoga scriptures for better character building. It involves Bhagwat Gita & Bramvidya sessions too.
  • To make boarding & lodging arrangement for those who are willing to have Yoga training, mediation & satsang.
  • To handle sales & purchases of Ayurveda medicines for the charitable hospitals, schools. Also making it available for yoga activities of the trust.
  • To run free educational centres for orphans, poor by providing food, cloths, shelter to them.
  • To connect with similar organisations and trust which will help us to fulfil our aims and objectives by donation activities.
  • To prepare & facilitate awareness in people who are going through uprooting jealousy, hate, injustice. To make them believe in themselves & transforming them into good being.
  • To save poor cows from victimization & killings and making them to have protective environment by running stables for them.
  • To Carry Out and Perform Scientific Yoga in Order to Solve the Serious Problems of Environmental Pollution of the Modern Age
  • To provide certifications & awards to those who are yoga trainees in our trust. Also making a same arrangement of it weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

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